Why Sustainable Luxe?


Our approach:

At Freya Lillie we strive to deliver products of the highest quality, whilst also minimising the impact we have on the environment. Sustainability is defined as having respect for people and the planet; without this respect, the next generation will be in short supply of resources. The concept of sustainability in the fashion industry is in its infancy however, its principles must be implemented in order to overcome the negative implications of fast fashion and overconsumption. We position ourselves as part of the slow fashion movement by offering classic, minimalistic designs which never go out of style!

Sustainable fabrics:

Freya Lillie clothing is made from natural, sustainable fabrics. The two main fabrics we use to construct our garments from are Linen and Organic Cotton. Natural fabrics are gentle on the skin and better for the environment. Manufacturing our products with natural fabrics additionally means that we are not contributing to the increased use of synthetic, plastic-derived fabrics which lead to microfibers polluting our oceans.

Linen: The large majority of our garments are made from linen which is a fabric derived from fibres of the flax plant.

Linen is highly durable, absorbent and an excellent heat regulator. This fabric also doesn’t require nasty fertilisers to grow and it’s biodegradable meaning it won’t sit on landfill for hundreds of years like synthetic fabrics.

Organic Cotton: Organic cotton is a fantastic all-rounder- it’s hypoallergenic, durable and breathable.

Farming organic cotton also improves the fertility of the soil, helping to lock CO2 into the soil therefore reducing the effects of climate change. Organic cotton plants also don’t use fertilisers, pesticides or Genetically Modified Seeds which positively contributes to the environment as well as to the health of farmers who avoid coming into contact with toxic chemicals that they would when farming standard cotton.

Prioritising quality:

Baby and Children’s clothing is often viewed as wasteful since kids grow very fast and can only fit into clothing for a short period of time. At Freya Lillie we tackle this issue by trying to extend the product lifecycle of our garments. Our pieces are seasonless and cut slightly oversized meaning they can be worn all year round and generally last longer.

Freya Lillie clothing is made to the highest quality and it is designed to be passed down to siblings or friends of any gender. The action of passing on clothes, generation to generation, aligns with the circular economy which aims to keep our belongings in use for longer, rather than being used a few times and then thrown away.

We believe that our gender neutral, classic styles are the way forward in minimising waste and disposability in the fashion industry.


Social Purpose:

Freya Lillie has a set of core values that govern the way we do business and contributing positively to others and the community is really important to us.

Not only is it imperative that our clothing is made sustainably, but that the people who make our clothes are paid a fair wage and work in good conditions. Freya Lillie garments are made by social enterprise, Self Made Studios in North East England.

Self Made Studios is a design and manufacture hub who work with small businesses, helping them to grow and develop. They also contribute to the North East Regional economy in skills and employment.