Our visit to Ramside Hall – Pemberton Carvery (kids inc!)

Pemberton Carvery- Ramside Hall Hotel

Seriously, i could eat my Sunday lunch every day of the week.  I love it, it’s so tasty, there are so many flavours and textures and add a covering of gravy and well, job done, happy Michelle! But sometimes on a Sunday, day of rest, i just want someone to cook it for me with no cleaning up afterwards. So this week we decided to try out Ramside Hall’s Carvery, it’s literally 5 minutes from our house so i was hoping for good things.

Free parking is always a bonus and there were many spaces to choose from.  The carvery serves food from 7.30am until 10pm, although the ‘help yourself’ carvery is from 12pm until 10pm every day, so no waiting til Sunday.  Another big tick for me!

On arrival at the Pemberton Carvery, we were greeted by live music at the grand piano and plenty of guests, although still many tables vacant.  The decor in my opinion is very traditional and old school, but the actual building itself is very old. Having said this, it was clean and comfortable and the guests were a total mix including young children.

Live background music

We chose a booth as it’s easier when you have a toddler who wants to sit near Mammy and Daddy.  We all visited the food bar where we were presented with a choice of meats including turkey, beef, chicken or pork plus a large bowl of crackling…guilteeeee!!!

Freya & Daddy

I asked if children’s portions were available as it wasn’t made clear on the menu, however i was given a small bowl for Freya and a yorkshire pudding which was probably the size of her head along with some succulent looking turkey.  I opted for the beef which showed signs of minimal fat, there’s nothing worse than chewy beef.

We helped ourselves to greens, carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy.  There wasn’t a huge selection of vegetables, and the one thing that was missing for us was some roast potatoes.  Although it was our first time so possibly we missed them.


Mark and Liam heaped their plates and by that i mean you couldn’t have fit another pea onto it. When we got to the checkout to pay, they didn’t charge us for Freya’s meal which i thought was great, in the cashiers words ‘oh don’t worry about that one, we won’t charge’. I thought it a very nice touch. The adult meals were £9.95 each which seamed very reasonable.

All four of us ate it all, the food was tasty, it wasn’t piping hot but actually, since we had Freya, that was a bonus.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the children’s meals tend to come hotter than the sun and by the time you’ve cooled it down, your own food is tepid at best, so we were all able to eat together.

Duo cheesecake with icecream

The kiddies finished off with a duo cheesecake and ice cream and a rocky rode, there were some lovely fresh cakes on offer.

In a nutshell, we’ll be back.  It’s quick and easy, it tastes great, enough choice, reasonably priced, it’s family friendly, no booking required, they had a little live music on which was not too loud at all and the little details such as not charging for a kids meal. It’s a thumbs up from us.

We’ll be back!

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