Mammy & Daddy Do Vegas

When an opportunity arose last year for a trip to Vegas to attend our friends wedding, it didn’t take much persuading for either myself or Mark to jump onboard. There was never any doubt that the kids were staying at home, it was Mammy and Daddy’s time to let their hair down and to do it together.

Now i don’t know about other mum’s but anytime it gets close to leaving the kids, i get a huge knot in my stomach and could quite easily say ‘i’m not going’ but each time i make the decision to go without them, i realise, actually, i need them more than they need me. Fun with the grandparents and being spoilt the whole time, Freya didn’t even want to speak to us, she was far too concerned with Peppa Pig on TV. That made me happy as Mammy and Daddy could totally relax, drinking as many beers by the pool as we wanted, taking naps whenever the hell we felt like it and obviously, Vegas, gambling away our hard earned cash…we loved it!!!!!

Freya Lillie

With a short flight to London and then a 10 hour flight to Vegas with BA, the beers were flowing and we felt like teenagers about to embark on a naughty weekend, it was great. You get so consumed with everyday life, wake up, get dressed, go to work or look after the kids, come home, grab some dinner together, couple hours of mummy and daddy time on the couch before bed and then repeat it all again. These little trips away, mummy and daddy become Mark and Michelle, laughing, talking and planning the future, i forgot how much i loved them.

The Hotel

We stayed in the Signature at MGM Grand, the Deluxe Suite was modern and clean complete with widescreen TV, jacuzzi bath, shower, seating area with couches and even a kitchen. We thought we hit lucky on check in when they announced we had been upgraded to a balcony room…so did everyone in our party. Damn it!

The Signature was great, it had several smaller pools which were used by families and those who aren’t big fans of 45 degrees of intense sunshine. Myself and Mark however headed straight for the Grand Pool, music, atmosphere, people whom were all shapes, sizes, nationalities. Everyone was so friendly and the frozen cocktails WOW!! This may have actually been my favourite part of Vegas or is that just the knackered Mum in me that wants to lie down and do nothing while i can…maybe.

A Relaxed Mummy

The one common theme in all hotels is the amount of slot machines, roulette tables and other gambling devices and it never sleeps.  But you don’t have to be into gambling to enjoy Vegas.

By Day

There is so much to do in Vegas as every hotel is so big you could spend hours just wandering. With shopping centres in most of them, aquariums, fair ground rides, famous folk (part of our party had a meet and greet with Mike Tyson, by all accounts it wasn’t all that), cafes, restaurants, bars and more. There’s so much to see and do and one thing we didn’t see at all were any drunken idiots, we were actually quite surprised at just how many families were holidaying in Vegas.

By Night


Now i’m at a bit of a mumsy age where i just love to go and relax in a pub and chat all night with good company so when the hen party was organised to party at Omnia nightclub which is part of Caeser’s Palace, i was a little apprehensive but my love for Calvin Harris who was playing that night sealed the deal. When we arrived the que was huge, luckily we had booked our tickets online $100 which included a $100 bar card so wasn’t too bad at all. Unfortunately for males the price was $150, wowzers!

The club itself was awesome, VIP areas had perfect access to views over Calvin (starting to sound a bit stalkerish aren’t I). There was a little mishap of becoming lost in the club and having a slight moment of panic, what the hell do i do? However the hen was also lost and luckily we bumped into each other and found the best part of the club, the roof top terrace. Cool, trendy with fab views, we were like giggly school girls. Calvin came on around 1am and we danced like no one was watching until we were asked to leave and not because of our totally awesome dancing but because we actually danced away until closing time!

The Rooftop

So even with a mix of jet lag/time difference and my love for sleep, i crept back into our hotel room at around 5.30am after having such an amazing night. Calvin was fab, the club was fantastic and company was great and after only 3 hours sleep, i was actually still half human 🙂


A Gambling Expert

So it wasn’t my first trip to Vegas but i hadn’t even used a slot machine never mind visit one of the tables. When Mark suggested i gamble $100 on the roulette tables i thought i’d give it a go. Total novice, no idea what to do, Mark explained exactly what to do and the guy working the table was pretty nice too.  We picked a table with a minimum bet of $10 and the fun began.  An hour later i had $240 in front of me and thought i’d give Mark a shot at the fun.  The thing we loved was that the drinks we ordered from the lovely bar staff who visit you whilst sat at the tables gambling, were actually free.  They’re not daft are they? Unfortunately after a short period of time Mark realised he wasn’t going to win more than $20 (hehehe) and we headed to the Bellagio for fountains and more drinks. Be prepared for the pricey drinks in Vegas too!

Bellagio Fountains

Overall i had far more fun than i anticipated, the wedding was beautiful and not remotely tacky let’s go get married by Elvis, it was on a roof top terrace with a full wedding dress, it is certainly one that will be remembered. Just like Mammy & Daddy’s trip which is now such a good memory, life is just too short to miss out on opportunities.  I’m certain that when we’re sat in our rocking chairs with our slippers many years from now (OK in a few), we’ll remember the trip.  Life is a journey and it’s what you do along the way that counts…now get booked for Vegas 🙂

Michelle xx

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