Workout at Home in Ten Minutes Flat!

January, the month of dread that follows the festive period. That beach body season looming, and apparently not enough time in the day to do anything about it. But what if a quick and simple routine to kickstart your day was there to make a difference?

I’ve been trawling through the internet to find quick and simple routines that can help us make that change to our day, without having the worry of childcare or added expenses! I found some great simple and quick routines, and I have selected the two that I think would be most time effective. I know that everyone is different so some will suit others better, vice versa.

The first routine I came across was labelled “Mum friendly – all over 10 minute workout” – I often think that referring to things as mum friendly restricts them to appealing to just mums, however, coming across this workout can appeal to anyone and everyone that is short of time to work out. Not only does this workout shift those extra inches and tone up those flabby bits, it is easy to access and not complicated to actually perform946bc4346f15b5a2cef148a55ef59d14

I bet you’re wondering what this magic worker is – it is in fact, a good old fashioned skipping rope. Yes, a skipping rope. This workout is all about those short bursts of exercise, you can squeeze this into your busy day by skipping for a couple of minutes at a time, and repeat 4-5 times a day. You could even do this as a team – get your little one and skip together!

If you want to challenge yourself throughout this quick workout, follow this routine courtesy of, you can change your method of skipping to really see the difference!

However, if skipping isn’t for you, how about following this quick and simple body workout routine. With 6 different body weight exercises, this routine is perfect for juggling mums and it even targets your whole body – win, win!

So let’s get started with it, this is broken down into the exercises and the workout so that it is easy peasy to follow. (Thanks to

The exercises:













The workout:

You need to perform these exercises in a circuit, then rest for 1 minute, do 10-12 reps for each exercise and then repeat for 3 sets. Got it?

So by following these quick and simple exercises, making that little change now could make a huge difference by summer. Don’t forget to take progress photos from the beginning – you will love seeing the difference!