Teenage Mum to Mumpreneur…never let anyone dull your sparkle!

From teenage mum to mumpreneur…never let anyone dull your sparkle

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I read an article quite recently which talked about a famous mum as a role model AKA Posh Spice and how women in business should be a little bit more realistic when setting their goals and dreams.

I could totally see what they were saying and why they were saying it, but this really saddened me. I don’t want to be realistic with my dreams, i want to dream big, reach for the stars and believe i can achieve whatever i desire. My dreams motivate me everyday and yes in the back of my head i may have a little bit of a resounding doubt that maybe i won’t make millions and be super successful…but maybe, just maybe i actually will.

Victoria Beckham may have limitless pots of money, people falling at her feet plus a slightly handsome husband 🙂 But she was once normal like you and I, she has been knocked off her pedestal many times for singing credentials, clothing choices and then when she started her own brand, she wasn’t taken seriously and mocked. She did all of this in the public eye and each time got back up and started again, she didn’t give up and today she is a highly respected designer making a pretty penny too. Some of us daren’t even put a video on social media never mind every step monitored and discussed, so to me, actually, she’s a pretty good role model. Plus i would do pretty much anything for a VB handbag!

Barack Obama

He Had A Dream

I wonder what might have happened if someone had said those same things to Barack Obama, first African American president who grew up herding goats in a Kenyan village with a school with a little tin roof (www.history.co.uk) I think you may agree that becoming president may have been an unrealistic dream some may say, but he dreamed big and believed he could do anything, put in a lot of work and achieved his dream.

When i left school at 16, i had very few GCSE’s and by the age of 17 i was living in a council house on my own with a newborn baby boy (whom might i add, is 17 himself this year eeeeek) and i had no qualifications. I came to the realisation that i was responsible for this tiny life and i wanted to be the best mum i could be and be someone he respected, a role model. As well as have nice things and to go to nice places.

My Everything

My Everything

I dreamed big but took small steps, i worked full time and i studied pretty much non stop for 8 years. I knew there were no quick fixes and it would take time and effort. After 8 years had passed i graduated with not only a BA Hons Degree in Business with a decent 2:1 but a PGCE teaching qualification too. I bought my first home with my son with no help or handouts from anyone else. All of those things were a huge dream to someone that at times had to feed her son rather than herself, and in the beginning wasn’t sure if i would achieve my dreams, but i was going to try my damned hardest…and i did. It’s not really on the same scale as first African American President or Designer Extrodinare.
But my point is that everyone starts somewhere, as long as you understand that it will take hard work, drive and small steps to start, the World is your oyster.

Inspiring Quote


Success comes in many shapes and forms and only you will know when you’ve reached it, if you are happy and in a place where you want to be, then i’d say that’s pretty successful!

I now have my own business www.freya-lillie.com which i love so much and is continuing to grow, i am helping other mum’s on the road to their dreams and even looking at business number 2.

I am aiming for Victoria Beckham status in the world of entrepreneurism and i won’t be allowing anyone to dull my sparkle! Even the word impossible has the words i’m possible 🙂

Go chase your dreams!

Michelle x

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