How to Potty Train in 5 Easy Steps

Freya Lillie

Freya Lillie

OK so i’m not going to lie, the thought of potty training did not bring me a sense of excitement like many other milestones of parenting, 14 years since the last time i endured it and my lack of memories meant either A) it was so bad i blocked it from my memory or B) actually it was OK so nothing major to remember.  I was praying it was the latter! Only 2 weeks later and with a fully potty trained 2 year old, what was i so worried about?

Freya had been showing signs since before she was 2, going for her own clean nappy and lying down on the floor to be changed.  We knew we couldn’t really potty train before the age of 2 as her muscles hadn’t fully developed, just like all other 1 year olds, so she wouldn’t be able to ‘hold on’ and we didn’t want to set her back before her journey had begun.  We still introduced the potty and she was very familiar with it and would often sit on it, so it wasn’t some alien object when the time came to use it for real.

We knew it was time and didn’t want to wait until nearer 3 as i had several friends struggling with strong minded threenagers.

There is no correct age or correct way to potty train, but if these steps i followed help others, happy days.

Me & My Mummy

Me & My Mummy

Step 1 – Plan ahead

We chose the Easter holidays and blocked out 3 full days in which i would stay home all day with Freya during which time she would be pretty much naked morning til night. Meaning we could quickly get to the potty which we placed in the living room and there was no safety net in the form of a nappy! It took some persuading for Freya to sit and use the potty for the first time but when she realised she had to go, well she had to go and then it quickly became the norm.

Step 2 – Nappy Fairy

Our nappies were always placed in a cupboard and Freya knew where and could easily grab whenever she liked.  We removed all the nappies and left an empty packet, she’s pretty smart, she knew no nappies meant she had to use the potty. If she knew there were still nappies she would have screamed until she had one on.

Step 3 – Big Girl Pants

Freya wore pull ups for the first few days and for our first outings and although she did pull them down to use the potty, she also got lazy at times and didn’t bother. This only really happened a couple of times but we didn’t want her to rely on that safety net so decided to make the next step to big girls pants to see how she handled it.  We made a big deal of purchasing her new big girl pants and she chose which ones she wanted, happy with her purchase showing the whole of the shopping centre, Freya then demanded to put them on as soon as we were home. This was a good move, much easier to pull down and she knew she couldn’t just have a wee wee.

Step 4 – Praise and Treats

Chocolate Lover

Chocolate Lover

Ok so using the potty for the first time may have included bribery in the form of ‘ if you have a wee wee on the potty Freya, you can have some choc’.  This worked great until she started sitting on the potty for fun and claiming she had ‘done a wee wee’. But hey whatever works! She was also showered in kisses and cuddles, i think she preferred the choc 🙂

Step 5 – Supper Time

Part of Freya’s bedtime routine has or had always included a drink of milk but we knew that eventually she would have to be potty trained at night too so these drinks would have to be stopped or brought forward.  Freya started to wake during the night and shout ‘wee wee’ after around a week so we knew she was ready to lose the pull ups at night too.  We moved her bedtime drink of milk from 6.30pm to 5pm and when she requested it we offered her alternatives such as berries or toast which she thought was great, she now very rarely asks for her milk on an evening.

I’m sure Freya will have the odd accident which is very normal.  Our biggest challenge was to get her to use an actual toilet, she was a little scared of them at first but with a little persuading and after being caught short at trampoline lessons and knew she had no option, we tackled the scary toilet syndrome.  It’s important to say that after the first time on a toilet she then began an obsession which involves trying every public toilet she can, Mummy hates public toilets.

Over to you, good luck!!!!!

Michelle xx

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