How To Increase Your Facebook Reach…For Free!

IMG_00349 Steps to Increase Facebook Reach & Engagement

Worldwide, there are over 1.55 billion monthly active Facebook users (MAUs) which is a 14 percent increase year over year. 1.01 billion people log onto Facebook daily  and there are 1.39 billion mobile active users ( these statistics you can not ignore the fact Facebook is an essential tool for your brand and to let the world know you exist. It’s all good and well having a very pretty website, but if there’s no path that leads to it 🙁

The problem that occurs is that it’s sometimes like banging your head off a brick wall trying to increase your reach or engagement. I don’t for a second believe anyone has the magic answer or that each and every post is super successful, it’s all about measuring what works for you and trial and error. You won’t always get it spot on, but that’s OK. Don’t keep doing what you are doing if it’s not working, try to think outside of the box and ask yourself, who are your followers and what are their interests?

Sometimes your reach may be fabulous but you have very few likes but that’s great as people have seen your logo and your brand awareness has increased. The amount of people when i attend fairs who have said ‘Oh i’ve seen your logo somewhere’ and then have stopped to chat and look is great, so it’s not just about direct sales from posts (although they are very satisfying!)

Anyway, I’m hoping these helpful tips will improve your reach and engagement!

  1. Create visual posts that people will notice, even if you are asking a question, try free software with hundreds of free images and editing tools…it’s addictive!!! You can even create magazines/brochures and download a PDF
  2. It may make you feel a bit awkward but if your not feeling awkward and uncomfortable your not challenging yourself…posting video clips which include you!! Even Mr Zuckerberg has said that the future is very much video heavy ( so we need to get into it and quick. What short clips could you post? If you see any video’s on Facebook, save them and create a bank to use in future posts.
  3. Plan your content for the week…but not all of it. Leave room for any new trends, stories, articles that you can post, i find these are often the ones with the highest reach. If you’re one of the first to post, it will be shared hundreds if not thousands of times (make sure you are following pages who offer this information to you). Go one step further and rewrite it in your own words with your own branding (Reference your source to authenticate your info!).
  4. Think outside of the box for your content. I run an online shop selling baby and children’s clothing. I know that my customers are 25+ females (i use my insights to find this info). I have shared nostalgic posts, car seat safety videos, saving ideas and each of those have reached over 50,000 people with only 3000 followers.
  5. Not too many sales post – if Facebook recognise that you are selling they will not show it to your audience or to a very limited audience as they want to give their followers value. Sell without selling, for me flatlays of outfits or customers in outfits work great. Don’t let people forget what you do but don’t post so much of the same thing that people scroll past and ignore you.
  6. Branding – make sure your logo and website is visible. Ideally have your logo as your profile picture for brand awareness so when you are reaching thousands of people they are unconsciously seeing your logo which will stick in their brains!
  7. Facebook tools are there to help so use them. Use insights to see who your fans are so when you boost any posts you can target those who are interested and visit your page. Each week or even month if time is limited, look at your insights and find out which of your posts have worked. Use this information to make notes of similar posts you can post when planning your content, try posting them at different times to analyse if it is the post or the time you posted that caused the interaction.
  8. People sell to people – add in some posts about yourself, the face and personality behind the brand.
  9. In your insights add similar pages to your own to watch, if they are interacting well and have great results, what are they doing? Don’t copy, just get a few tips! Are they asking questions, have great images or videos, maybe competitions. How often are they posting and when?

Don’t forget that although having a business’s is 80% marketing and 20% running it, you can’t be everywhere in all social media platforms all of the time. Find out which 2 platforms work best for you and interact with them daily (10 minutes morning coffee, lunch and watching the soaps) then use your lovely planners that I know you’ll all have to pencil in time to spend on other platforms keeping them upto date and interacting, even if it’s only once per week.

Remember, there’s no secret ingredient, but if you find one…let me know 🙂

Good luck

Michelle x

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