Our Family Trip to Sorrento


We were always going to Sorrento for our family holiday because it’s the place we are to be married.  Come July 2019 we’ll become Mr & Mrs MK.  It’s just begging for matching reg plates 🙂 Having our holiday in Sorrento meant we could see the area and discover exactly what our wedding venue was like. We all know social media can make certain things look so much better than they really are (my selfies are obviously not included in this). So it was important we saw it for ourselves.

And we’re off!

Flight & Transfers

The flight to Naples was painless and took around 2 hours 45mins from Doncaster.  We found that Newcastle only flew a couple of days per week but Doncaster and Manchester were much more frequent.  We pre booked our transfers as we always do, usually with someone like Hoppa or Holiday Taxis.  We’re not really package holidayers, maybe more like control freaks.  We research hotels on the internet and find flights that suit our preferred days and times.  We then add in the extras such as transfers and insurance.  Transfer time was around 45 minutes from the airport but the scenery was so beautiful the time just flew by.


First Thoughts on Sorrento

Sorrento on first glance was beautiful.  The coast line was amazing and we seemed to be climbing higher and higher which made our views even more amazing. One thing that was a little uncomfortable was the width of the roads, they seemed so small that surely two cars couldn’t travel at the same time. I also noticed that footpaths seemed a little non existent! Beautiful but lots of small windy streets and roads with high fences so it was all very private.

Our Room with Balcony

Our Wedding Venue

Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento

Dinner at Sunset

When we arrived at our wedding venue i was not as wowed as i was hoping for.  Was it the location in the small windy streets? I’m not sure.  Was it because it wasn’t as shiny and bright as instagram? Maybe!  We checked in and were greeted by a very friendly receptionist. Our room was a standard with a balcony and they fit in a bed for Freya.  Seriously, we had to wake her up every morning.  The black out blinds and comfortable beds, we could have stayed in bed all day.

Breakfast with a View

The service throughout the whole hotel was excellent.  Mr Gin came and showed us different gins and mixers at dinner.  They talked us through food options and it was cooked to perfection.  We visited both the restaurant and roof terrace where our wedding will take place and they were just stunning.

The Roof Top

I was actually in heaven and when i asked Mr K his thoughts, he agreed, it was perfect for us and everything we wanted. It just made us more excited and our wedding planners were so helpful, they made us feel totally at ease.


Warm Summer Evenings

The Locals

Our Local

Now i’m not sure if this is most people’s thing but we don’t like to be right in the centre of a very busy tourist area.  We like to be just out of the way and love to find little local places.  Right opposite our hotel was a cafe come restaurant with views that looked out for miles along the Sorrento coast.  Sunset felt like it was in touching distance and the food was tasty and reasonably priced too. We became drawn to this place and the waiters brought out treats for Freya which made her day.

Dressed in White #angels 🙂


The Colosseum

We chose to visit Rome and Pompeii on our 7 day trip.  We do love pool time but we like to explore too.  We can do pool time anywhere but if we are lucky enough to be in a place with so much history and culture, well it would be rude not too! Both trips we used public transport via the underground and also the trains.  So easy when you ask google where you are and where you want to be.  What did we do before a phone.  If you don’t trust google then there’s usually a tourist information in most train stations where you can ask. Train times were around one hour, some were a tad scruffy and some were fast and modern.

Hop on!

Rome was amazing, it was my second time but this time we grabbed a ticket for the hop on hop off bus.  The temperature was around 37 degrees and my little legs aka Freya, may have struggled to walk long distances.  It’s a good job Mummy designs linen baby and children’s clothing because it was needed in those temperatures.

Trevi Fountains

Freya actually really enjoyed it, we did worry she may get bored but she asked questions and absolutely loved Trevi Fountains and even made a wish.  She told us she wished for a pink unicorn, we’re still on the look out 🙂

The Vatican

The hop on bus was a great idea and we visited Colosseum, Vatican, Trevi fountains and a few others.  We may have also had a stein and a couple of pizzas.  It’s hungry and thirsty work sight seeing.


Our trip to Pompeii was also really insightful and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We were a little disappointed with the train station which had no boards to tell you when trains were due or late. It was a little dirty and need of modernisation too.

Walk Walk Walk

Pompeii itself was HUGE and no way could you see it all in a day.  We chose to skip the que and enter with a guide.  Which is fine if you want to know every single detail. We got a little bored and wandered off ourselves to explore!


Pool Time

We thought we had found our perfect wedding hotel and we were right.  The food, the service, the atmosphere not to mention facilities were exactly what we had hoped for.  We don’t quite know why we weren’t sure at first but it just shows, if you give things a chance… Access into Sorrento was easy and painless and public transport was great.  Sorrento itself was full of cafes and restaurants with a  mix of shops and bars.  It wasn’t too big but there was plenty to see and do. Our activities made the holiday for us, if you ask Freya about Pompeii she will tell you exactly what happened to the city.  She may only be 4 but they soak up so much information.  If we can keep giving her little snippets from different parts of the World, it’s so much more exciting than reading from a text book or watching on TV.

There’s No Alcohol in it I Promise!

Roll on 2019, i love the fact that our children get to be with us on our special day.  As well as our closest family and friends. I’m so excited!!

Michelle x


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