My Top 5 Healthy ‘faff free, toddler friendly’ Breakfasts


So it’s that time of year again, chocolate, cheese and alcohol overload and a midriff that shows it! But the one thing i can’t handle after the indulgence, is eating teeny tiny portions and no snacks in between to try and shift the weight.  Guaranteed if you starve yourself, after keeping it up for a week, you’ll be so hungry you’ll binge on EVERYTHING. What a waste that will be.

So instead of eating less, just eat right and remember good fats are good for you, don’t be afraid of them.  They are great for energy levels and for keeping you fuller for longer and you will lose weight if it’s part of a balanced diet.  Ok so you may have a Friday night treat, but your only human.  I certainly won’t be doing dry January, i work bloody hard, i like my New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc on a Friday eve!

Anyway enough of the waffling, this month, each week i will give you my top 5 healthy snacks, lunches, breakfasts and dinners that are all faff free (don’t you hate it when it takes 5 times as long to prepare and cook than to eat it) plus they’ve all been tried and tested on one two year old. Plus my top 5 exercises to do at home with a toddler watching and even joining in too.  They will most definitely enjoy it more than you!

Top 5 healthy breakfasts

Number 1 – Overnight Oats


So there are lots of variations on the internet and these are great if you don’t have time on a morning to make anything.  Please don’t ever skip breakfast, that’s just silly.  Breakfast starts your metabolism moving, gives you energy and has been known to switch on that dark lightbulb inside your head. You can literally grab these from the fridge and take them to work. Made the night before, preparation time is around 5 minutes.  The great thing is they keep you full all morning!


My recipe

1 cup of oats (gluten free if you’re being particularly good)

1/3 cup of greek yoghurt (i’m a bit of a clean eater)

2/3 cup of soya milk (you can use rice or almond milk too)

Berries and honey to finish

Pop the oats, greek yoghurt and milk in a dish.  Mix together and then pop in a jar or tubaware, garnish with whichever fruit you choose and drizzle with honey.  Stick them in the fridge overnight. Get really prepared and make 3 pots for the next 3 mornings! (BTW these fab jars are from Ikea, cheap as chips!)

You can totally mix these up and add in mashed banana, raw cacao if you like it chocolatey or anything else that’s a bit healthy.


Number 2 – Poached Eggs on a Slice of Wholemeal Toast

Ok so you don’t need instructions for this, although poaching an egg is an effort at times.  I literally fill a pan 1/3 full, bring the water to boil, turn down to medium/high heat and pop in the eggs for around 3 minutes.  Add a little salmon or a turkey steak to jazz it up! This may actually be the breakfast i cook most often.


Number 3 – Banana Pancakes


My toddlers favourite, well actually one of mine too. If you have a little time in the morning these are great and super simple.

My Recipe

2 Eggs

1 Ripe Banana

Mash the banana with a fork until the lumps are pretty much gone and then whisk in 2 eggs.  Add a little coconut oil to a frying pan, medium to high heat and using a large serving spoon, spoon in the mix.  The pancakes are more runny than a normal pancake so keep them small and let them cook on one side.  Check the under side is golden brown before flipping.  Use a spatula and carefully slide half way under before slowly flipping.  These only take a couple of minutes to cook.

When cooked popped them onto a plate with a dollop of greek yoghurt, a sprinkling of blueberries and a drizzle of honey.


Number 4 – Smoothie To Go


Ok so you never have enough ingredients for a smoothie or time to chop up and prepare?? Well don’t worry, i have the answer.  Purchase yourself some freezer bags and after shopping day, in each one make sure you add a handful of greens.  I usually use spinach, i promise you will not taste it one little bit! Chop up the other fruit you desire, mix and match so each one keeps it exciting.  Add to the freezer bags along with your spinach and pop them into the freezer.  No waste, no faffing each time.  Just grab your choice of smoothie from the freezer, add it to the mixer along with some water, you could also use coconut water or almond milk too. Give it a blast and your good to go, totally healthy breakfast in less than a minute! What better way to have your five a day.  I usually pop in some chia seeds for an extra added superfood boost.

Number 5 – Homemade Granola


My Recipe

2 1/2 cups of oats

1/2 cup of desiccated coconut

1/2 cup of almonds

1/2 cup of crushed walnuts

5 tbsps honey

3 tbsps coconut oil

3 tsps of cinnamon

I sometimes add a couple tablespoons of flax seeds, or linseeds to give it an extra boost.

Heat your oven to 190 and have a silicon or baking tray.

Melt the coconut oil and honey together for a few seconds in the microwave and add with the rest of the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. This just makes it easier to mix.

Spread the mix onto the baking tray and add to the oven for around 20 minutes giving it a little stir half way through.  You can also add in raisins or cranberries or any other nuts you desire.

When it has cooled pop it in a tubaware box and enjoy throughout the week with either your choice of milk or my favourite, greek yoghurt!


So that’s my top 5 healthy breakfasts, make sure you are following us on facebook or instagram for next weeks top 5 healthy easy lunches! Pass it on too if you know anyone who’s on a health kick 🙂

My 5 Top Tips For A Sizzling Summer Body

Holiday in Dubai

Holiday in Dubai

April already, no idea how that happened but what i do know are the effects of Christmas and Easter are somewhat apparent…trousers a little tighter, tummy a little more wobbly and dreadful skin with enormous black circles under my eyes….ARGHHHHHHH

There’s nothing worse than that lethargic feeling, at the moment i’d much rather slum it in the house, search for any sugary goods and most probably have a glass of vino this evening whilst watching Sons of Anarchy, which by the way, myself and Mark are totally addicted too and have not watched anything else since we discovered these biker thugs.

It’s hard to believe but Summer is in touching distance and almost time to unleash that bikini!

2 or 3 months before my holidays each year i give myself a good hard shake, remind myself how good i actually feel when i eat healthy, exercise and make an effort.  It’s not that i am really unhealthy the rest of the year but, like i said, sugary treats and vino are hard for me to resist.  It’s just too easy to think ‘oh i’ll worry about it next week’ sound familiar??

Bikini Body

Bikini Body

These 5 tips, every time i follow them i lose weight, tone up and feel wide awake with lots more energy.  You won’t starve, you still get treats but i won’t lie, it’s not a simple solution and does take a little discipline and hard work.  You just have to remember that one bad meal won’t make you fat just like one good meal won’t make you skinny either.  It’s all a balance, what i will say is if you try and eat less and cut out lots, 9 times out of 10 you will end up binging on all the wrong things and wasting your hard work.

My 5 Top Tips

Planning Is Key

Work out every meal and snack needed for the next week and write it down.  Breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and tea. Weekend food too even if it includes a naughty day! Make yourself a little chart, stick it on the fridge for all to see, so there’s no surprises and no disappointments because everyone knows exactly what they are having.  I have found by doing this it actually reduces your shopping bill too, especially if you are doing it online.  Use the search function to search for each of the items, that way you won’t be lured in to any false economy deals or sugary treats.



I usually find it takes me around 3 days to wean off sugar and although it is quite hard, as long as i’ve got alternatives then i manage.  Plus, once those 3 days have gone i really don’t crave sugary snacks at all.  I’m not going to lie, i don’t give up wine, i just drink a lot less!

My fav snacks include homemade humus with carrot and cucumber sticks, you can take these to work with you too.  Just pop a little humus in the bottom of a beaker style container and make sure you have nice long cucumber sticks to stick in, pop the top on and take them with you, easy! Make a nice big pot for the fridge and it lasts all week.

Smoothies are another favourite, i did have a Nutribullet until it decided to give up on me.  I’m currently using an old school blender but it works so why go spend £100 unless you are a hardcore juicer! I take 7 freezer bags and in each one i throw in a handful of spinach or kale and then a couple handfuls of any fruit, frozen or fresh and pop them in the freezer. When you take the bag from the freezer each day, pop it in the blender with a couple of cups of water and give it a blitz.  Go one healthy step further and add in some chia or flax seeds or maybe a few nuts.  You can have lots of fun with these and even toddlers love them too.  Don’t worry, you really can’t taste the greens at all!

Be warned, daily smoothies will cause your hair and nails to grow at a ridiculous rate. Oh and yes, toddlers love them too and teenagers and grown men 🙂 Easiest way of feeding them greens and goodness.

There’s a few more examples over on my Pinterest board Healthy Food

If you aren’t already, make sure you become addicted to water and if you can start your day with some lemon and water, even better.  I started drinking lemon and water daily because i enjoyed it but a few weeks later noticed that actually, my skin looked nicer, i was a few pounds lighter, cellulite had reduced and i could only think that it was down to my new favourite drink.  I had heard it was great for weight loss and detoxing but never thought twice.  It’s now a staple in my diet. Fizzy drinks are bbbbbbbbad, so try and cut those out and maybe just that one cup of coffee in the morning 🙂


If you don’t already have them, check out The Body Coach and Jamie Oliver Superfoods books.  So many easy recipes and seriously tasty.  Friday nights i still have pizza and i promise, homemade one’s taste really good, you don’t feel like you are missing out.  Even Mark loves them, experimenting with different toppings, plus they take 10 minutes in the oven.

My Scrummy Prawn Pizza

My Scrummy Prawn Pizza

With our meals, i don’t miss out carbs but i won’t have them every day either, i have sweet potatoes instead of white and wholemeal products too. I fry food in coconut oil and exclude most dressings unless i’ve made them myself.  Get rid of cereal on a morning, go for homemade granola with fruit and yoghurt or poached eggs or even baked avocados which are delicious and keep you from feeling hungry for hours.  Breakfast time might be my favourite meal of the day.

Make sure if you are having salad for lunch you compliment it with an exciting filling not boring old ham or tuna.  Fry up some steak strips or chicken fillets or a little seafood, you need it to be appetising and something to look forward too or it will become a chore.


After the shopping has been delivered and your meals planned out, the next step which is so important for keeping on track, is the preparation.  Usually on a Sunday afternoon you will find me in the kitchen for a couple of hours.  The granola will be in the oven, the eggs boiling away, salad and fruit all chopped and boxed in the fridge and smoothie bags complete and in the freezer.  By doing this one simple task it gives me all of my snacks for the week, whether i am at home or at work, the salad i can quickly throw into a sandwich box along with some filling and my snacks are all prepared and ready to eat or take with me. If i don’t prepare on a Sunday my week is usually very different, missing meals, grabbing a mars bar at the garage because i’m so hungry, you get the picture…prep, prep, prep!


You don’t need a gym membership but you do need to be exercising to lose the weight and to tone up.  For me HIIT (High intensity interval training) is perfect as it’s short but you get results.  I do go to the gym and take part in metafit classes but when i don’t have time i do 4 x 15min sessions at home during the week. Freya loves joining in too trying to perfect her burpees. The Body Coach has some great examples but if you have an internet TV or a laptop there are thousands of videos to follow on YouTube.

We all know what it feels like when we do make an effort, even if it’s sticking on some lippy and a pair of heels.  It can feel like a task at the time but is worth it when your confidence takes a major boost.  The time has come ladies to step it up, get focussed and make those Summer bodies sizzle.

Good luck xx