Drum Role Please…My Last 3 Clean Eating Recipes

Frozen Yoghurt Slices

Frozen Yoghurt Slices

So, we’ve covered eggs for breakfast and pizza for lunch now it’s time for sweet treats, my favourite. But I thought I’d give you the last 3 recipes together in one easy place!
Today’s delights consist of yoghurt slices, a super duper clean and totally healthy dinner and a yummy smoothie.

My Scrummy Prawn Pizza

My Scrummy Prawn Pizza

I’ve only been clean eating a few weeks and although I have added extra exercise in too, I feel healthier, slimmer, less bloated, more awake by the afternoon (usually need match sticks to keep my eyes open) and more tight and toned. I won’t lie, it feels good to feel like this. How long will I keep it up? Well who know’s, I know I’m certainly going to enjoy myself on holiday and not think about what I am eating, but I am finding that I enjoy this diet and it’s not really a chore like some diets can be. I suppose it’s more of a way of life rather than a diet.
I find myself getting all excited when I find new recipes and I’ll start explaining them to Mark (my other half) and bless him, his response Is always ‘that’s sounds nice’. Ok, I get the picture Mark, you’re not that fussed what’s for dinner tonight as long as it tastes good! So far so good though, no complaining.

Spinach & Mushroom Muffins

Spinach & Mushroom Muffins – Brekkie

We all like a sweet treat and it’s been a tough one experimenting with sweet treats that actually hit the spot but are relatively healthy, clean and easy to make. The yoghurt slices I really enjoy and so does Freya, plus there’s no need to feel guilty. If you’re looking for a quick fix frozen yoghurt is always the better option over ice cream.
1 cup of your favourite white yoghurt
1 tbsp of rice syrup or honey or any other sweetener
1 tsp of vanilla extract if you have it, don’t worry if you don’t.
2 handfuls of raspberries
Handful of white choc chips
Handful of desiccated coconut
(If you want to use dark choc chips or different fruit, go ahead!)

If you mix the yoghurt, sweetener and vanilla together. Line a freezer safe dish with some tin foil and pour in the mixture.
Top it off with your chocolate, raspberries and coconut and freeze for around 2 to 3 hours.
Remove from the freezer and leave for a few minutes before slicing and eating. They can last for up to 4 weeks in the freezer
Your guilty free sweet treat!!

TIP – If you are trying to lose weight, use an app such as MyFitnessPal to track how many calories you are eating per day, it will help you take notice of those little things such as coffees, that add up and make the difference.

Next on the agenda…a tasty dinner.
For when us mum’s have 20 minutes to whip up a healthy meal for dinner, this is it, I know I am biased because I love it so much, but really, quick and easy and totally clean and healthy.

Courgetti spaghetti and if you like cauliflower, there's even a cous cous

Courgetti spaghetti and if you like cauliflower, there’s even a cous cous

Did you know that Tesco have even got into the whole clean eating trend and when time is tight you can buy what’s called courgette spaghetti and carrot spaghetti, there’s no pasta involved it’s all veg! You can make it from scratch if you have the time but I won’t lie, I did buy it in a packet from Tesco but it’s still totally clean.
The only ingredients required are salmon filets (or a piece of red meat if you prefer) a packet of courgette spaghetti and carrot spaghetti. The salmon are usually baked for approx. 20 minutes in the oven wrapped in tin foil to keep them moist and the vegetable spaghetti is popped into a wok and stir fried for 4 minutes. That’s it, that’s all that is needed and the kids will love the super long pieces of vegetables (well hopefully).
One of my other clean eating healthy dinners is sweet potato wedges, mushrooms and a piece of red meat with maybe a little asparagus on the side. I make the wedges from scratch and use only a light oil spray such as flora for the wedges and mushrooms and red meat. Basically heat the oven to around 200 degrees Celsius, scrub the potatoes and cut into wedges. Spray with the light oil and season with salt and pepper, pop into the oven for around 40 minutes. Fry your mushrooms and meat using the light oil too. Super tasty!

TIP – If you go to a restaurant for your dinner, make sure you ask for your dressings on the side, these are usually packed with calories.

One of my delicious nutri bullet smoothies - packed full of goodness

One of my delicious nutri bullet smoothies – packed full of goodness

And finally, for a mid afternoon treat or to complement your exercise and help with recovery is a tasty smoothie. If you haven’t already got a device such as the nutribullet, GET ONE!!! I can’t recommend them enough, I was worried it would be a fad for me but I’ve had it for a fair few months now and use it almost every day. Now I’m not condoning the use of alcohol but I have heard it can also make some pretty mean cocktails ☺

Handful of spinach or kale (I promise you can’t taste it at all)
1 banana (fresh or frozen)
Handful of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
Handful of mango (fresh or frozen)
Sprinkling of almonds
Unsweetened almond milk
Add protein powder if needed but you’ve already got a protein boost with what’s already been added.
You can also add superfoods and extras such as goji berries, flax seeds, chia seeds, the list goes on.
The great thing about smoothies are they actually fill you up, they are tasty, super healthy and you can experiment with whatever you like. Plus babies like them too, Freya makes sure she has some if I make one, how better to get fruit and veg and goodness into little ones.
Well, that’s my 5 clean eating, healthy recipes complete. If you didn’t see my egg muffins or homemade pizza, check out my earlier blogs on how to make them.
I’m going to continue to experiment with healthy and quick recipes so if you have enjoyed these then let me know and I will post more or sign up to our newsletter which you can do via our facebook page (click on more) or through our website.

Michelle x

Clean Eating – Day 2 of 5 Clean Eating Recipes

Day 2 of our 5 day clean eating blogs, if you are reading this chances are your egg muffins were actually ok, didn’t take long to prepare and tasted like little mini omelettes. Well done!!

My Scrummy Prawn Pizza

My Scrummy Prawn Pizza

Now we have covered breakfast (see my previous post for quick and easy egg muffins), what’s for lunch i hear you ask? How about a nice healthy pizza? YES, you heard right, healthy with minimum calories.

Not bad for a first attempt

Not bad for a first attempt

When i made these pizzas for lunch the smell even managed to drag Liam (teenage son) from out of his pit as it smelled totally delicious. I won’t lie even i thought it was super tasty, made even better with the thought it wasn’t full of fat and unhealthy ingredients.

Takeaway Pizza

Takeaway Pizza

I don’t mind a take away pizza at the weekend, although i prefer the ‘do it yourself’ pizzas from Sainsbury’s. When the takeaway pizza arrives and you can almost see the cheese swimming, well, that’s not very appealing to me but the smell is delicious. So now i have my healthy pizza, i’m happy as Larry.

TIP – Try drinking plenty of water with ice during the day, because the water is so cold, your body burns more calories trying to regulate it’s temperature.

Wholewheat tortillas or pittas ( make sure you read the ingredients on the packs, there should be around 5 ingredients and not 25!) You can also use pittas if you prefer.

Tin of tomatoes
Clove of garlic
Salt & Pepper

Toppings – for mine i chose spinach and prawns but feel free to experiment with your own choice of toppings.


I used a pizza tray which we cook our pizzas on usually and it worked well as they have small holes in, they can be quite soggy in the middle so these trays help crisp them up a bit better. I sprayed a little oil on to make sure the pizza didn’t stick.

So, i mixed the tomatoes, basil, garlic and salt and pepper together before spreading on the tortilla. Leave about 1/2 inch round the edge. I then sprinkled on my cheese and added the prawns before cooking in the fan oven at 200 degrees celsius for approx 11 minutes. When you see the cheese bubbling and the edges turning brown your done. Plate up and enjoy your non guilty yet tasty pizza!

TIP – If they do turn out a little soggy, which mine have in the past, they also taste great folded over as a calzone. Although freya prefers her homemade pizza cut into fingers.

Tune in tomorrow for a sweet treat!

Love Michelle x

Clean Eating – Day 1 of 5 Recipes

So, before i start i just want to make it clear, qualified nutritionist or fitness expert i am definitely not, but i have done my research, using various reliable websites and books, in which i have adapted recipes to fit my preferences.

The Goal – to feel healthier, find food my whole family will enjoy(there’s even one recipe i’ll show you later that my teenage son loved, now i feel successful), lose a few pounds (have a bikini to fit into) and not have to starve myself!

The Problem – i’m addicted to food, usually the unhealthy variety of sweets and crisps. I have limited time to prepare complex meals and i need something that a 1 year old will also eat.

Hello Clean Eating…

Natural Wholesome Food

Natural Wholesome Food

If i am totally honest i didn’t really know what clean eating was all about, but it’s exactly what it says on the tin, clean wholesome foods which are natural and not processed and filled full of chemicals. It’s actually quite alarming when i read some ingredients of even things such as wholewheat tortillas, or a packet of ham, my naivety led me to think ham was ham.

Now it’s important to say i don’t follow clean eating religiously, i can’t go a weekend without crisps and chocolate and i don’t want to either. During the week, this is when i am good, i don’t starve or do without snacks. Most of us know, if you cut food out of your diet and become so hungry and unhappy, you end up caving in and eating twice as much, epic fail! I have found the key is making swaps, if you are hungry at 10am and again in the afternoon, eat something, but not junk food because if you have yourself a chocolate bar, once the sugar is processed you will be craving another in around an hour or so, you’re fighting a losing battle.

Firstly you need to get prepared, anyone that knows me, knows of my obsession with stationary, notepad for literally everything, i can’t help it, i love it. But i found a great notepad in Wilkinson’s which plans out your meals for the week, a space for your shopping list on the side and it even has a magnet on the back to stick to the fridge. This allows your teenage son to get all of his twisting out of the way in one go when he sees the meals for the week. But it’s great for you to plan out your healthy meals and snacks and go to the shops and buy those ingredients and nothing more until the weekend, when you may have a cheat day. Add exercise into the mix a few times a week, even if it’s just long walks, and you won’t know yourself, your energy surges may cause you to do things like go out dancing or in my case, clean out the kitchen cupboards.

So, 5 days, 5 recipes, all clean eating. I’m going to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and hopefully add in a few helpful tips along the way.

First up…egg muffins for breakfast. These are quick and easy, packed full of goodness, you can store them in your fridge in an airtight container for a few days. So when time is limited on a morning, grab a couple, microwave for a short time and your done, quicker than toast.

Spinach & Mushroom Muffins

Spinach & Mushroom Muffins

TIP – Don’t ever skip breakfast, this kick starts your metabolism on a morning and helps with weight loss.

Ingredients (this will give you 12 muffins)
4 eggs
4 egg whites
salt & pepper to season
mushrooms (it’s up to you what you want to put in your muffins, i chose spinach and mushrooms but you could have peppers, tuna and cheese, asparagus. Experiment and go crazy!)

Use a measuring jug if you have one as it’s easier to pour the mix into the tray and creates less mess. Add 4 eggs and 4 eggs whites with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and whisk together. You could add a touch of garlic to give it an extra kick.

Chop the spinach and mushrooms and heat a frying pan to a medium heat before adding a light oil spray such as flora. Cook for a couple of minutes and add to the egg mixture.

I used a silicon muffin tray so poured the mixture straight into it. If you don’t have a silicon tray make sure you spray some of the oil in first.

Make sure your fan oven is at 160 degrees celsius and cook the muffins for 20 minutes. If you use a fork or knife to stick into the muffins when done to see if they are cooked thoroughly, the fork or knife should come out clean.

Not bad for a first attempt

Not bad for a first attempt

Leave to cool for a couple minutes, grab a cuppa and enjoy your healthy breakfast.

TIP – If you want to up your healthy game, swap your coffee/tea for hot water and lemon. Make sure it isn’t boiling hot and use only fresh lemons. I usually squeeze half a lemon into my water each day. It helps flush out all of the toxins in your body, has been proven to help with weight loss and sets you up to make the right choices for your diet that day.

When the muffins are fully cooled transfer to an airtight container and pop them in the fridge.

And just so you know, these have around 40 calories each and are high in protein. I think they are great as i have no need for my 10am snack when i eat these, because they are high in protein they curb any hunger pains, brilliant!

So, no excuses, everyone has eggs in their fridge, start now and reap the rewards when you are feeling full of energy and losing the pounds!

Stay tuned for round 2 tomorrow.

Good luck x