It’s a girl!

It's a girl

It’s a girl

Its a girl! Thats when my obsession into baby clothing started, the moment the sonographer said those 3 little words. I couldn’t wait to log online and see what gorgeous clothing i could find and hit all the shops, she was going to be dressed like a princess. I already had my son Liam, he was 13 when i found out i was pregnant, shopping for teenagers just isnt the same, especially when they have their own mind and hate everything you like, so i was super excited to start shopping for little baby clothing. My partner Mark knew he didnt really have much of a choice, but i know he secretly liked looking at the cute clothing and getting excited for her arrival.

Announcing on social media i was having a little girl i started to take notice of the numerous baby photos.  It seemed everyone had a baby or was about too.  Far too often i would be browsing my social media news feed and see at least 5 adorable babies knowing exactly where mummy had been shopping for that outfit. I wanted to give my own daughter when she arrived a little more individuality and variety, research further afield and to see what was out there. Thats when i had my light bulb moment! Lets bring all these great brands which are less known together under one roof and offer mums another choice.

Although some of our products can be found in stores such as Selfridges and Harrods, the aim was and still is, to try and stay away from mass produced high street clothing.  We know that most mums have purchased clothing from the high street stores (and theres certainly nothing wrong with that) but we wanted to offer a little variation,give mums a choice should they wish to take it

So my research started, i had lots of fun spending hours and days searching for clothing and i really enjoyed it, i knew there was going to be lots of work late into the evening and during baby naps but i was super excited and so very motivated. Id spent years lecturing Business, now was the time to practice what i preached.

Born prematurely at 29 weeks Freya was so small and delicate, we certainly werent expecting her arrival so soon, I’ve never seen so many wires and tubes hooked up to something so small. Freya spent 6 weeks in hospital and her days in intensive care were some of the worst of my life.  My googling global brands had turned into googling survival rates, complications with premature babies, there were a hundred questions i needed answering, it was non stop. However, as im writing this, shes now 7 months old and is most definitely a diva in the making, i have no one to blame but myself for that, but she is happy and healthy and makes me smile everyday. 

As Freya was so small and that little bit more precious, i found myself looking at labels and what chemicals were in her skincare and even clothing, i was quite shocked and never even thought to look before, thats when my business idea took a bit of a turn and i started researching organic products.  I wanted to use natural products on her delicate skin without the use of any pesticides or harsh chemicals. I found some lovely products, skincare in particularly was very important, all of which i have tried and tested and offer on the Freya Lillie website and i can testify that Freya has super soft skin.  Organics may not be for everyone but i wanted to give mums that choice should they wish to take it. I know some mums might not fully know what benefits there are to organics so we have dedicated a page on the website, just to try and explain a little further. It feels good to be helping the environment too, we also decided to use recycled packaging for our customers to go that one step further.

The day we were able to take Freya home, well i cant even describe what it felt like, but i know both myself and Mark felt it. We were very thankful to everyone who had helped us so Mark and I decided like so many other people in our situation, that we wanted to give something back to those all that helped us and were there for us, not just for the 6 weeks Freya was in hospital but who still support us now and check how our little dot is doing and developing.  Thats when we decided 5% of all profits would go to Tiny Lives charity who help sick and premature babies and carry out vital research. As well as this we are hoping to take part in events to raise money for local neonatal units and to put together little packs for parents who end up in the same situation as usunprepared with certainly no premature clothing and the last thing on your mind is shopping.  If we can help even just one person then we have made a difference and we will be happy. Our page Freyas Story is a detailed account of what it was like giving birth to a premature baby and we hope that some other parents out there who want to know what comes next, can read our story and feel some kind of comfort.

We really hope you like our products, i will continue researching and adding fresh new labels and products as much as possible. Feel free to ask any questions!