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Freya Lillie

Freya Lillie Ltd a sustainable luxury fashion brand. What does this mean? All of our clothing is handmade to order here in England. Made to order means zero waist. We design and manufacture timeless clothing for women and children using 100% linen. Also producing baby clothing as well as women’s clothing from organic cottons.

Designing everything from linen baby rompers, baby girl frilly dresses, flower girls dress, baby boy bloomers to matching pieces for Mummy and me.

Made to order allows us to create minimum waste whilst also guaranteeing the highest quality garment. We do not believe in fast fashion and our clothes are designed for the modern parent with traditional elements. They are designed to be worn all year round and are sized in a way that allows them to last year after year.

Freya Lillie designs clothing to cover many styles, we believe our pieces can be worn for special occasions such as weddings and christenings. But because our clothing is so versatile and strong, as linen is the most strongest material there is. It can be worn everyday for a little bit of luxury. Did you know that linen has antibacterial properties too? Perfect clothing for your baby boy or baby girl as they grow. Pieces that can be put away and be worn by your children’s children as they really are timeless.

We also ensure our labels are made from bamboo, our swing tags and packaging is made from recycled materials. We do not use plastic. If you have any questions at all regarding our Freya Lillie linen clothing please email us

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