Why Organics?

When my daughter was born at 29 weeks she was tiny with almost transparent skin. I questioned everything that went close to her delicate skin, including peoples hands! I admit I was a bit of a nightmare but just cautious as she was just so small and fragile. I started to pay attention to what was on the labels of skincare products and try and find out what those big long unpronounceable words were, i didn’t like what i found. I was almost disappointed and felt let down by so called ‘sensitive’ products. That’s when my research into organic products began and i started to use organic skincare products, totally natural, no chemicals allowed and i have to say, my daughter has beautiful soft skin, free from rashes and any dryness.

Organic plants are free from pesticides and fertilisers which means not only are there no nasty chemicals going on the plants but there is also none of them going into the ground either. Non organic cotton plants use 25% of the worlds pesticides for only 10% of the agricultural land mass, scary! I’d like to think by choosing organic products i am also looking after the environment for my children’s children. Many parents have found that organic clothing is particularly beneficial to children with eczema because it is made of natural fabrics, which allow the skin to breathe

Now don’t get me wrong, organic clothing is a little more expensive but it can ultimately be more cost effective as the organic fibres are sturdier than conventional materials. For example, most conventional cotton clothing starts to break down after 15 washes and in comparison organic cotton can last 100 washes or more.

Bamboo is one of our natural favourites here too, it grows amazingly fast and so it is a naturally sustainably material – no waiting 50 years for a bamboo forest to grow back after you chop it down! As it grows so fast and so well, no chemicals like pesticides or fertilisers are needed to support it so it is naturally organic.

As well as being sustainable and organic, bamboo is also naturally antibacterial (so it doesn’t get smelly), thermo-regulating (so it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter) and non-irritating (perfect for sensitive baby skin and eczema sufferers). It is also the softest fabric you’ll ever feel – bamboo is definitely a super-fabric!


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