About Us


Just a thirty something Mum with a love for all things simple yet stylish.  I started designing my own line of baby clothes in 2016 when i struggled to find clothing for my daughter Freya Lillie! It seemed the highstreet was full of neon colours and bunny rabbits.  I wanted something simple, minimal and timeless.  Clothing that could be worn no matter the season and that was made to last.

I’m quite passionate about our planet and where we live and this is really important to show in my clothes.  The aim is to be a fully sustainable luxury brand and i see the clothing as an investment not an expense. Buy once and buy well.

Linen, which is what we use mainly,  is one of the most durable materials there is. So the hope is not only does it last all year but actually, it’s put away until your children have their own.  As our clothing is simple and timeless, technically it should always be stylish.




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